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• White HDPE Cart with full-extension drawers from super-tough chemically resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
• Durable and stunning design is lab organization at its finest; perfect for all types of work environments and those needing to organize a variety of supplies
• Three full-extension drawers give full access to all supplies stored in drawers
• Locking door slides up and down to secure drawers or bulk storage
• Carries up to three times its weight of 58 pounds of lab supplies in drawers shelves dispensers holders and bulk storage
• 3-inch non-marking rubber casters roll smoothly on most surfaces
• Easy to unpack and assemble wheels and snap on shelves mean it's only minutes before your Core DX is ready for use
• TrippNT™

Ideal lab cart for laboratory workers doctors and anyone else who frequently stores and moves supplies from place to place the TrippNT Core DX is engineered with toughness in mind. The 58-pound cart is made of sturdy rustproof polyethylene and ABS with built-in handles in the corners to push and pull with ease. As a result both tall and short users can comfortably maneuver the cart. The 3-inch non-marking rubber wheels meanwhile roll smoothly on virtually any surface from concrete to tile to vinyl to carpet to linoleum. Best of all the cart provides a professional appearance worthy of any situation and can be stored in a small 23 x 18in wide area against the wall. The Core DX's modest profile makes it ideal for using in small or large work areas and is virtually indestructible putting up with all the abuse you can dish out.