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Ergonomic, rugged, waterproof (IP67) design
• Supplied with Foodcare pH/Temperature electrode
• Body made of food grade PVDF plastic
• Conical tip shape for easy penetration into semi-solids
• Open junction design that resist clogging from food solids
• Low temperature pH sensing glass suitable for refrigerated products
• Built in temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements
• Five-point pH calibration with seven standard buffers and five custom buffers
• CAL Check Alerts user to potential problems during calibration including when to clean electrode and possible buffer contamination
• Displays overall condition of the pH electrode after calibration that is based on the offset and slope characteristics
• Log-on-demand
• Store measurement data at the press of a button
• AutoHold Freezes displayed measurement reading upon stabilization
• GLP Features GLP data including date, time, pH calibration buffers, offset, and slope and GLP data stored with logged data for traceability
• Calibration timeout to alert the user at a defined interval when the calibration has expired One of the most common measurements of food products is pH. The pH influences many qualities of food products including flavor, fermentations, texture, appearance and shelf stability. Foods are generally broken into two groups based on their pH value. These groups include acid foods which have a naturally low pH of 4.6 or below and low-acid foods that have a finished equilibrium pH values greater than pH 4.6 and a water activity greater than 0.85. The low-acid foods can be pH adjusted with an acid to lower the final pH and become an acidified food. Maintaining a lower pH will help in preventing unwanted bacteria from growing. The M113881 is a rugged, waterproof, portable pH meter that measures pH and temperature using the specialized Foodcare pH electrode
• This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards. The M113881 is supplied with all necessary accessories to perform a pH/temperature measurement
• A durable thermoformed carrying case holds the meters, probes and calibration buffers securely in place